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Looking to Remove Excess Unwanted Fat or Tighten and Tone your Skin? The Experienced Professionals at Tempe Holistic offer Mesotherapy which tightens skin, reduces cellulite, treats alopecia and more! If you’ve been considering mesotherapy, then we’d like to tell you all about it and how it can rejuvenate your skin and melt away fat! It’s also quite safe for patients we’ll help you make your decision during a consultation with at Tempe Holistic Skin Care.
All of the ingredients used in mesotherapy injections are FDA-approved for treating certain conditions, and each ingredient has its own benefit for the human body. Generally, patients don’t experience any significant side effects, and the most common side effects are only swelling and other temporary, minor effects. There is likely little risk involved in a treatment, and there is virtually no downtime afterwards, so you’ll be able to return to your regular activities right away!

If you want to treat your skin condition, excess fat, wrinkles, alopecia, or other aesthetic issues, then mesotherapy could be right for you. The next step to take is to make a simple consultation with us here at Tempe Holistic Skin Care. During your consultation, we’ll check your medical background to see if you’d be a good candidate for treatment, and if so, we’ll tell you everything you’d want to know about the treatment and its benefits. Contact us today for your consultation!

Yes! Tempe Holistic Skin Care offers mesotherapy for patients in the Tempe area and beyond. We’re located over at 2034 East Southern Avenue Suite U Tempe, AZ 85282. To book a consultation with us, give us a call, or book with us online. We’d be very happy to speak with you more about mesotherapy and holistic wellness here at Tempe Holistic Skin Care!