Permanent Make-Up

Microblading and coming soon eyeliner, lips and pigment correction.


Microblade Consultation-complimentary 30 Min. (If you have any questions not covered above I would be happy to answer them over the phone or through messenger. If you would like to stop in and visit me in person please call ahead of time, if I have a client, I may not be able to service you promptly)

Microblade Consultation + Design

$75 30 Min

(If you would like to visit me personally and have your brow shape mapped before your booking, just call for a mapping only appointment. If you decide that microblading is for you the $50 will go toward your service. I cannot guarantee that I would be able to service you on the same day, as only a 30 minute appointment is allotted.)

New Visit for Microblading


$100 non-refundable deposit required for appointment) includes consultation, mapping, photos (required for insurance purposes) anesthetic, procedure and after care product and instruction.

Microblade Perfection Visits (PV)

$75 required 4-6 weeks

required 4-6 weeks, or new charges will apply, as your brow will fade and earlier lines hard to follow) may take 2 PV’s to get the full brow you desire.



Entails applying pointillism dots to create a shaded brow (on previously Microbladed brows) $100 non-refundable deposit required for booking.

Hybrid Brow


a combination of microblading plus stippling/ombre procedure. This entails applying pointillism dots to shade the brow between hair strokes. $150 non-refundable deposit required at booking. PV also required 4-6 weeks following this procedure.

Permanent Eyeliner

$450 Full eyeliner, top lash enhancement and lower liner

$550 with wing

Upper lash enhancement only: $300

$400 with wing

PMU Lower Liner only: $150

Full permanent eyeliner touch up $150

Upper only, $100, Lower only $75

Enhancing your eyes with Permanent eyeliner is a remarkable way to make your eye color pop! It will save you time and energy in the morning routine. Never walk out of the pool again with smudged eyes. Enjoy the freedom of PMU eyeliner. You can choose to keep your liner thinner or thicker, upper only or both upper and lower. However you feel will work for your desired results.

Using an electric hand tool with needle cartridge attachment, your liner is applied into the lash line of your natural eye shape. The tool is very quiet and numbing is always priority for your comfort. You may choose between different depths of pigment, including charcoal, black brown or black. Every application is based on your personal goals.

Permanent Makeup Lip liner and Color

Full lip color $600

Lip Liner $450

Full Lip touch up $100

4-6 weeks post procedure
– may take 2-3 visits to hold color

Tired of applying lipstick all day? Are your lips crooked or thin? If you would like to enhance the color of your lips, or correct the shape, then permanent lip color is for you.

Your favorite lipstick or pencil can be matched and applied in a variety of colors. Color will no longer bleed or come off while eating or drinking your coffee! The color is embedded into the dermal layer of your lips using an electric hand tool equipped with a needle cartridge; similar to a tattoo machine. Very quiet and light for your comfort. A consultation will determine which color of lip pigment you would like to achieve your own personal lip color goals.

A very natural color is recommended for anyone new to PMU lips. You can ALWAYS go darker or brighter with a touch up appointment.

PMU Powder Brows

Powder Brow $450

Powder brow Touch up $75

4-6 weeks after initial procedure

A powder brow resembles more of a make up appearance for your eyebrows. It can be applied very softly as a shading, that enhances microblading or natural brow shapes. Mixed with Microblading, it is the most natural way to go from fine and very thin brows, to beautiful brows that require no other enhancement.

You may have heard of the many descriptions, such as Ombré, shading, or powder. All are done with an electric hand tool equipped with a needle cartridge; similar to a tattoo machine. Very quiet and light for your comfort. A permanent makeup artist consultation will determine which style of powdering you would like to achieve your own personal brow goals.