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Spa Specials

Med Spa Specials! Come back every month to take advantage of spa specials on skin care, wellness and more!

January Med Spa Specials!

This month has some great Med Spa Specials!

  • New Year, New Skin! $100 Off RF Microneedling
  • Maskne Special! $500 for Series of 8 Acne IPL (save $300!)

Almost all of us have suffered the embarrassment of acne at one time or another in our lives. Did you know that more than 80% of teenagers develop some form of acne? It is one of the most common skin conditions  that can be cause by many different factors. Although for most it is a phase that clears up with time, some people continue suffering from acne breakouts well into their adulthood. Contrary to what we were told in the past, there could be many reasons: hormonal changes or imbalances, dietary issues, leaky gut, poor quality cosmetic products, stress. Whatever the type or cause of acne, it can affect self-esteem and confidence. Tempe Holistic takes a holistic approach to acne, looking at all the factors of your life that can be affecting your skin. 

Tempe Holistic Skin Care Med Spa believes that a  personalized treatment plan is essential to help the acne-prone skin to heal and restore balance to over-active sebaceous glands. Daily use of recommended home care products and dietary supplements plays a key role in controlling acne breakouts and adds to the success of any acne treatment.